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If a patient is unhappy with the shape of their body, body contouring can improve their issues.

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  • "I was extremely pleased with the care I received from Dr. Ibegbu and his staff. They were the epitome of professionalism and Dr. Ibegbu exceeded our expectations!"

  • "He is very caring and he always takes time to listen and answer any questions you may have. His staff are very friendly and comforting just like Dr. Ibegbu"

  • "Dr. Ibegbu is a wonderful doctor and I would recommend him for any gastroenterology procedure you wish to have done. "

  • " He's one of the top stomach specialist in the area. I appreciate working with him and if you have any medical issues, I highly recommend giving his office a call"

  • "Dr. Ibegbu is a great Gastroenterology specialist that he takes his time to treat you, hear what you have to say."

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